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Caring for your contact lenses correctly is essential to the health of your eyes. Carefully and regularly clean your contact lenses, as directed by your eye care professional. Not caring for your lenses properly could potentially lead to a variety of infections, including some that cause blindness. It’s important to follow the guidelines for safe handling of soft contact lenses. The good news is that contact lens care is easier than ever with just a few basic guidelines, listed below.

SOFT CONTACT LENSES — The main disinfecting systems now used for soft contact lenses include one-step multipurpose solutions, hydrogen peroxide disinfection systems, and two-step disinfection and rinsing systems.

MULTIPURPOSE SOLUTION DISINFECTION — These are used by the majority of our patients. The most convenient means of cleaning your contacts, these solutions are called “multipurpose” because the single solution is used for cleansing, disinfection, and storing of your contact lenses.  This method is also known as “preservative” disinfection because the means of disinfection is accomplished by chemical preservative additives to saline, which are mild enough to be used in the eye. These systems are generally very effective in killing micro-organisms (disinfecting contacts). However, some patients experience allergic side effects to certain preservatives. While all multipurpose systems are effective in the disinfection process, the chemicals added are unique, and patented. As a result, some patients may be allergic to one brand and not another. Generic brands may be used effectively, if you do not have an allergic reaction to that particular brand.

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE SOLUTION — These are rarely associated with allergic reactions but can be more cumbersome to use and are more costly. These systems always involve two solutions and a means of neutralizing the peroxide. The first solution is a high grade hydrogen peroxide which should NOT be put directly into the eye. And, the second solution is a saline. Neutralization of the peroxide is accomplished either by a metal disc or tablet in a special “vented” case to release the gas as the peroxide is converted to saline.

GAS PERMEABLE AND HARD CONTACT LENSES — Cleaning gas permeable and/or hard lenses and keeping them free from bacteria is generally easier than cleaning soft lenses because the lenses aren’t as absorbent as soft lenses. These lenses should be cleaned with a cleaner that is specifically for gas permeable and/or hard lenses. Then rinse with tap water and store in a clean case with soaking solution.

At West Houston Eye, we believe in the health and safety of your eyes. Whether you already wear contact lenses or are considering them, you can be assured we will discuss all of your individual concerns and requirements and make recommendations based on what is most appropriate for you.  With our large inventory of contact lenses, we have the solution that aligns with your vision needs and lifestyle.

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